DigiCel FlipBook Tutorials ! ! !

We will be adding more demos and tutorials in the near future so check back often and see what's new.

Introductory Video
This 4 minutes briefly demonstrates some of the basic features like drawing, painting and playback with sound. It also touches on customizing tool bars working with color palettes.

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Drawing Stick Figures
This 8 minute video was done in FlipBook 5 by Jason Ryan, a supervising animator at Disney and then DreamWorks. It shows you how to draw and animate simple stick figures. This is great for beginning animators as well as for advanced and 3D animators that would like a better way to do previs.

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Painting Quickly with DigiCel FlipBook 

This video shows a couple of the fastest ways to paint your animation in DigiCel FlipBook. It covers AutoFill, Paint by Numbers and Drag 'n Fill.


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Animating a Bouncing Ball in DigiCel FlipBook 

This is another Jason Ryan video, about 17 minutes long, where Jason teaches how to animate a bouncing ball in FlipBook 6. He goes into detail on the features in FlipBook that simplify the process and help make animation easier while teaching essential animation principles like squash and stretch and slow in and slow out.