FlipBook makes it easy to break down the dialog for lip sync!



No matter what kind of animation you do sooner or later you're going to have to break down the dialog into syllables and figure out the correct position of the lips and tongue to so the images will match the sound. FlipBook makes this easy.

Some animators like to write the alphabet letters into the frames where they belong so they'll know which mouth drawing to use in each frame.

Others use a standard set of mouth drawings and position then in the xsheet so they can see the lips move in sync with the dialog as the scene plays. Either way, FlipBook makes it easy.

Start by scrubbing through the scene to find the first word you want to breakdown. Then use the cursor keys to step back and forth through the frames and syllables. As you determine which sound goes into which frame you can either write the letter in the image window so that it shows up in the xsheet like you see to the left or just highlight a square in the xsheet and press an alphabet key on your keyboard to insert one of FlipBook's standard mouth drawings into that frame like you see on the right.

You can also drag any mouth drawing up or down to fine tune the timing while the scene is playing by holding down the Alt Key while you drag the thumbnail.