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9 Out of 10 Professional Animators Use FlipBook!

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Studios use FlipBook to make feature films, cartoon series and TV commercials.
Every major animation studio uses FlipBook. Animation Studios
need tools that can do everything fast with the best quality. DigiCel FlipBook Pro does it all and the quality is as good as it gets. Its powerful features and unparalleled ease-of-use help you do better work in less time for less money. That's why these studios, and hundreds of others, use DigiCel FlipBook.

Schools use FlipBook to teach animation to their students.
Schools want to teach their students to animate without spending a fortune on computers. And they don't want to have to waste time teaching students how to use complicated software programs that the students may never use again.
FlipBook is used by more schools than any other 2D animation software because its unequaled ease-of-use lets the teachers and the students concentrate on animation. FlipBook is so fast the students get more work done on fewer systems without waiting in line. And because FlipBook is so affordable, the students can have their own copy at home to help them learn even faster.

Professional Animators use FlipBook for their personal projects.
Lots of professional animators that work independently as well as for Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Nelvana, Film Roman, Rhythm & Hues, and hundreds of other large, mid-sized and smaller studios have their own copies of FlipBook to use on their studio projects and for their personal projects like
promo films to help pitch their own ideas, festival films, direct to video features and web sites.

Amateurs use FlipBook to help them learn how to animate as well as just for the fun if it.
Amateurs want quick and easy results. They want a program that's fun to use and will help them learn to animate. FlipBook helps them turn their creative ideas into movies they can show their friends and post on the internet.

Why Does Everyone Use FlipBook?