Our customer list reads like the Who's Who of Animation.
Just about anyone who's doing 2D animation uses FlipBook 2D animation software.

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Professional Animators Use FlipBook

Lots of professional animators working for Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Nelvana, Film Roman, Rhythm & Hues, and hundreds of other large, mid-sized and smaller studios use DigiCel FlipBook at work and at home to do their personal projects like promos to pitch their own ideas, festival films, direct to video features and web sites.

Andreas Deja
Andreas is considered one of the absolute best 2D animators in the world. He likes FlipBook because it frees his mind to think about his animation.

Eric Goldberg
Eric's long list of credits include directing the animation on Looney Tunes: Back in Action and animating the Genie in Aladdin.

Don Bluth
Don left Disney to start his own studio and has since directed about a dozen major animated feature films.

Shawn Keller
Shawn was a Disney animator for 25 years and is now producing his own feature film entirely with FlipBook.

Andreas Deja - Disney - Lead Animator for Lilo and Stitch
"I had heard animation professionals rave about FlipBook, so when I decided to do some shorts in 2D animation, I looked into it.  As a lover of pencil animation I am thrilled using FlipBook, because it is so user friendly. It completely serves my needs to experiment with some short film ideas. I highly recommend it."
        Andreas Deja  

Richard Bazley - Lead Animator at Disney for Hercules & Pocahontas, Lead Animator at Warner Bros. for Osmosis Jones and The Iron Giant
"DigiCel is one of the m
ost exciting developments in recent years. It was designed with the animator in mind and is the most user friendly pencil tester I have ever found. You can find your way around DigiCel's interface with ease and you will be up and running right away. I would recommend it to anyone and it is a MUST HAVE in any seriously minded studio. Whether you are a major studio, a freelance professional, or a student, DigiCel has all the tools you need to cover you requirements."
       Richard Bazley

Shane Zalvin - Disney Animator
"I’ve been a professional animator for over 14 years. I bought your software the other day to shoot my PT. Been using adobe Premiere to do it since ’95. Can’t believe I shot my PT’s the hard way in Adobe Premiere for so many years."
        Shane Zalvin

Frank Molieri - Lead animator at Warner Bros. for Looney Tunes Back in Action, Space Jam, Cool World
I remember seeing Flipbook advertised in Animation Magazine and thinking how much easier my life would be if I didn't have to constantly go to the studio just to shoot a pencil test time after time after time. One of the features Flipbook has allows you to render AVI files with sound and post them on the web for clients to approve. It is very easy to use.
If you freelance as much as I do, then you know how important it is to be self sufficient and to function in a professional manner. Having a good pencil test system like Flipbook has made that possible for me.
I recently upgraded to Flipbook Pro and it is an amazing program and its low price makes it affordable for anyone. If you're lucky enough to work on your own short, then Flipbook Pro is your one stop shop."
        Frank Molieri

Joe Merideth - Academy Award Nominee
"Flip book is the package animators have been wanting for years.  It's interface is so intuitive that it frees the animator to create rather than fumble with animator "unfriendly" software...for what you get in this great package, the price cannot be beat, for the little guy who has the talent and vision but lacks the money...made by animators, for animators..."
        Joe Merideth, Chewbone Animation

Boola Robello - Sony Pictures Imageworks, DreamWorks, Disney Feature Animation
"From the first time I saw DigiCel Flipbook seven years ago, I knew I had to have it as my pencil test system.  I use it all the time to shoot my pencil tests, and have used it on many professional jobs.  Recently I used it for visual development work on the upcoming Spider-man 3 live action film.  Once again like a true super hero DigiCel Flipbook saved the day!"
Boola Robello

Robert Pratt - Warner Bros.
"I used Flipbook at Warner Bros. for "Looney Tunes:Back In Action" and loved it. It is the best traditional animation software that I have used and I want it for my home."
        Robb Pratt

Philip Pignotti - Disney Feature Animation
"I just wanted tell how much I have enjoyed using your program.  After working at Disney Feature Animation and being spoiled by their proprietary software, I thought I could never have a pencil test at home of any professional quality. While working on “Looney Tunes Back in Action” I was introduced to DigiCel. I was so happy to find I could buy it for my own use.  I look forward to using your program for years to come. Thank you again."
        Philip Pignotti   

Keith Sintay - DreamWorks, Disney
Dear Kent,
Haven't had a chance to do any 2D since my last Trix commercial.  I did some animation on the kids and the Rabbit- used flip book! I think DigiCel kicks ass.  You can quote me.  It's powerful, light on memory and easy to use.  I love the fact that I just hooked up my cheapie webcam and got fantastic results for a quick pencil test-  I didn't need a fancy digital camera."
        Keith Sintay

Kathleen Quaife - Disney, Warner Bros., Don Bluth Films
"DigiCel Flipbook is great. I use it all the time to shoot my rough tests. My clients love seeing the animation (avi files) sent to them over the internet. Flipbook is an essential tool for every freelance animator."
        Kathleen Quaife

Ed Anderson - Mongadillo Studios Animation
Nice Job Kent, I’m impressed!!  Very clean and robust little app you have there.  MUCH more comprehensible than Mirage, I figured it all out in less than 5 minutes and never even cracked open the help file.
        Ed Anderson  

Kristen Nicholas Sych - Universal Studios
Dear Tech Support,
Let me start out by saying FlipBook is absolutely the best capture software I have used, and was indispensable to me while working on Curious George. With Curious George, we were sending .dgc files to each other with ease, as everyone was using it as a platform. Now that George is over, I am using FlipBook for my freelance work.
Thanks Sincerely,
        Kristen Nicholas Sych

Grant Hiestand - Rough inbetweener at Disney, Klasky-Csupo and Film Roman
"I was talking with my good friend in animation Wes Sullivan the other day about how much we love DigiCel.  I remember what it was like in the early nineties when all I had to shoot pencil tests was a 16mm Bolex.  I used to develop the film in my bathroom and splice the tests together into loops to view them on a projector.  I literally spent thousands of dollars buying this program or that video recorder, never really finding the 'Holy Grail' until we stumbled onto DigiCel.  Here at last was the tool that would let an artist own an entire production studio in his home....and not just pencil tests but ink and paint and sound as well!  Thanks, Kent, for giving us what we've been searching for all these years."
        Grant Hiestand

John Luciano - Freelance Animator
Thanks again for the quick reply, I made my deadline.  FlipBook does work great, and a hundred times better than AXA-the interface is fantastic; I love the thumbnail feature.  I was surprised how easy it was to use on the fly, it doesn’t get easier than this.    Looking forward to do much more with it.  Thanks again and keep up the great work!
John Luciano,

Mike Dietz - Virgin Games, The Neverhood, Shiny Entertainment, Slappy Pictures
"I recently finished up a 90 second demo of a property for the Jim Henson Company. I used Flipbook for the animatic timing and for shooting pencil tests of the ruff and cleaned up animation. As usual, Flipbook worked great."
        Mike Dietz, Slappy Pictures

Jacob Bauming - Industrial Strength Graphics
Over the years I’ve used a lot of line test systems, though it seems most are designed simply to frustrate. With the arrival of DigiCel’s Flipbook, production has become a lot easier, and far more streamlined. Flipbook has all the advantages of Take 2, but goes beyond simple pencil testing, with backlighting, automatic peg registration and everything else we need to complete commercials, videos et al.
Even with the reduced prices of rival systems, DigiCel is still cheaper, and is so intuitive to use, that even the most computer illiterate will be able to navigate the application with little or no help. The software is thoughtfully and logically designed; defaults and presets, for example, are where you’d expect them. And while the breadth of our work is executed or catalogued on Macs, we continue to run Flipbook on a PC; it’s simply the best solution.
can’t recommend Flipbook enough. It is the best animation software I’ve used, bar none."
        Jacob Bauming

 Frank Gerdes - Independent Animator
Dear Kent,
"Thanks for making FlipBook. I had been looking for the right animation software for a long time. While searching on web I found some animation software, but either it did not do what I needed, or it was much too complicated or so expensive I never could afford it. So I went on searching with Lycos, Yahoo, etc. Then one day (sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it) I found your homepage. Everything seemed to be so easy and natural. After downloading and trying out your free demo I was convinced.
I've been using FlipBook Pro already since the summer of 2002 and I WOULD NEVER GIVE IT UP.  It's indispensable for my work! Without a doubt FlipBook is the most powerful software for animators! And that's not a commercial for FlipBook, it's a matter of fact.
The best thing is, you’re still de
veloping together with users. There are so many improvements in FlipBook 4 that I never dreamt of. You realize what animators really need and wish for. I will recommend you whenever it is possible. Once again, many thanks for making everything so fast and easy. It's incredible, exactly what I need!
Best regards from the little island in Germany. "
        Frank Gerdes

Christian PERRIN - Independent Animator
Bonjour les amis,
"Tout d’abord BRAVO ! votre logiciel est vraiment SUPER ! particulièrement le line test que je trouve d’une grande flexibilité, et supérieur à AXA team 2D Personnal que j’ai payé bien plus cher que DIGICEL.
Merci à bientôt, Bien amicalement et FELICITATIONS."
        Christian PERRIN

Alejandro Reyes - Independent Animator
My amigo,
"I really want to say THANK YOU for helping me so I could finish those hundred scenes on time, remember? Well, the project was finished on schedule and the client was very happy with the product, so we just have to wait until January to see if they want to go for the feature. If not, I will go to my hometown, Monterrey, México and start doing commercials. I was really really pleased with
the final product, it looked very nice with a good quality."
        Alejandro Reyes

Roger Viloria - Independent Animator
"One of my dreams always was to animate Snow White, since I was 7 years old, I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it because this production would need hundreds of people working all together, hey it took me like 3 weeks to do it all by myself! it was a lot of work but I love animation and Flipbook is the best to accomplish this wonderful sample!"
Roger Viloria

Cathy Joritz, Independent Animator 
"Digicel Flipbook is THE tool to get anyone hooked on animation immediately! When I was teaching my beginning animation students learned to use it on the first day of class and were amazed at the instantaneous results - especially gratifying since drawing for animation takes somewhat longer...! Of course our advanced students rely on it too. Flipbook is great for testing any animated motion - not only "lines" (i.e. you can use it to test experimental and stop-mo work also) - and its easy learning curve and instant feedback make it fun and accessible for all. "
        Cathy Joritz


Why Do So Many Professional Animators Use FlipBook?