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Barrett Glenn
I've been shopping animation packages and preparing to make a purchase.  Flipbook seems far and away the best solution. Unfortunately I'm working entirely in a Mac environment.  Is there any chance that the Mac Version is coming out any time soon?  I'd hate to buy "Toon Boom" and then see the Mac version of Flipbook released two months later. Any help?
Thanks, Barrett Glenn

Per Schmidt
Hi Kent
I am hopeless amateur in the field of animation. Basically I wanted a tool to make animations professionally (web designs, the like) and for the more fun part, I wanted to try to make a small 2D cartoon together with my daughter (she's 8).
So after surfing the web for a while, I actually ended up evaluating two tools: Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) and FlipBook. Although I liked PAP, I was looking more for a tool that could assist me in all production phases (from sketch book to finished DVD in my case). I thought FB was perfect for that and affordable at the same time.
Per Schmidt

Paul Renault
I have really enjoyed using DigiCel FlipBook, at first I didn't think there was enough reference material to get started but its ease of use proved me wrong.

Steve Thomason
When I was in college in the late 80ís I studied animation in a small school.  There was no animation department, so I had to do it through independent study.  Back then, if you wanted to do a pencil test you had to blow a whole roll of super 8 film (even if it was just a for few seconds of film), wait for processing, and then project it.   It was a pain, and it was very expensive.  Because of the cumbersome nature of the process I was not able to truly learn animation well and abandoned the pursuit. 
Since then I have been an illustrator, a teacher, and a pastor, only dreaming of being able to animate.  Now, with Flipbook, I am able to animate and see my results instantly.  After 13 years Iím living a dream (I know that sounds awfully melodramatic, but itís true) and watching my drawings move moments after theyíve been drawn.  Not only that, but my 11 year old son has shown interest in animation and he is able to learn the process in a way I was never able to at his age.   

As a teacher and an artist I use cartoons and visual aids extensively in my teaching process.  By using Flipbook I hope to be able to incorporate animation into my repertoire of teaching tools. Thanks for opening up these new windows of opportunity.
Steve Thomason

Betty Castro
It really is a "nifty" program!

Don Bran
For my two cents...I really love DigiCel for testing. I have the stripped down version and it does everything I need. I test with a real crappy USB Web cam and if I need to finish something in video I just scan. The advantage to DigiCel is that it is ready to roll and can get fancier as you need it.

Lex Tinker-Sackett
Hello Kent,
I really am enjoying my FlipBook Lite. It is very easy to use and my animation productivity has gone through the roof! I am considering upgrading to SE,  What would an upgrade cost me?
Thank you very much!

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