Animation Schools who use FlipBook are eligible for significant discounts.

Teachers and students at virtually every major animation school in the world use FlipBook. One of the main reasons for FlipBook's success in the educational market is its ease of use. Students go to animation schools to learn how to animate. It would be a waste of time for them to have to learn complicated software before they could see their animation. FlipBook is much easier to use than any other 2D animation program. So students are able to spend more time learning to animate and less time learning to be computer operators.

Dave Quesnelle
"DQ" was a Disney animator in Canada for 20 years and is now an animation  professor at Sheridan College.

Twenty students from Bloomfield College and East Orange High School used DigiCel FlipBook to produce the 7,000 drawings needed to complete "Pete's Odyssey,".

Larry Lauria
Larry has animated for Disney, run his own studio and recently taught at
Savannah College of Art and Design.

Another big reason for FlipBook's success in the schools is the pricing. Most students can actually afford to buy their own copy of FlipBook to put on their computer at home. This way the students can do their pencil tests, painting and compositing at home and save their class time for learning to be better animators.

And when they graduate and go to work for one of the studios, like Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios,  Klasky-Csupo or Don Bluth Films, FlipBook is the program that they will use. Here are a few of the animation schools where the teachers and the students use FlipBook in their classrooms and for their student films. 


Sheridan College Uses DigiCel FlipBook

Cal Arts, Los Angeles Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Savannah College of Art & Design

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Academy of Art, San Francisco

Art Institute of Los Angeles

School of Visual Arts, New York

Art Institute of Toronto

Vancouver Film School

Art Institute of San Diego

Max the Mutt Animation Canada

Art Institute of Phoenix

Van Arts, Vancouver

Art Institute of Dallas

Animation Academy, Burbank

Art Institute of Portland

Jericho High School, New York

Capilano College, Canada

NBCC Miramichi

Kettle Moraine High School

Laguna College of Art and Design, California

Southampton Institute, Britain

Ballyfermot College, Ireland

California Art Institute, Santa Monica

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UK

College of Interactive Arts

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

HUST Animation Department, Harbin, China

Bloomfield College

Cicely Tyson High School

Centre for Arts and Technology Kelowna

Centre for Arts and Technology Fredericton

DigiPen Bilbao
DigiPen Europe
DigiPen Singapore

Why Do All These Leading Schools Use FlipBook?