Production Proven
DigiCel FlipBook has proven itself in production time after time.

Half way through production on The Wild Thornberrys Movie the animators in the feature division of Klasky-Csupo asked to switch to FlipBook. The switch to FlipBook did more than just make the animator's job easier. They had more layers to work with, the image quality from FlipBook was much better and it also helped the overall work-flow. Unlike their previous system, scenes from FlipBook dropped right into the Avid editing system they were using.

When they started working on their next feature, Rugrats Go Wild they continued using FlipBook
and as soon as each scene was finished in FlipBook they dropped it into the editing timeline on the Avid so they always had a Work in Progress Reel ready to view. Some of it was painted and some of it was just pencil tests but they could always see what had been done and what was left to do. FlipBook worked so well for the feature division that the commercial division switched over too.

A little while later Warner Brothers started work on Looney Tunes: Back in Action and the animators  requested FlipBook. One of the cool things about using FlipBook in that production was that FlipBook made it easy to import the photo-rotos (scanned photographs of the live action frames) into the background level so the animators could make sure the animation lined up perfectly with the live action.

Meanwhile across the Pacific, the general manager of Toon City, one of the best and largest offshore production houses, had just completed an exhaustive comparison of all the available animation software. He chose FlipBook to use on the series they were doing for Disney. Shortly thereafter they got a call from Disney and learned that they were going to get to do the animation on Teacher's Pet and they used FlipBook for that too.

When Universal Studios started hiring animators to work on Curious George, once again the animators asked for FlipBook. Naturally, it worked great for the in-house animators but the real advantage came when Universal started hiring outside animators from all over the country to help with the work load. The off-site animators just used their own copies of FlipBook and sent their scenes in for approval via email.

When Film Roman started hiring animators to work on The Simpsons Movie once again the animators asked for FlipBook. But Film Roman had both PCs and Macs so one of the producers called DigiCel to see if there was a Mac version of FlipBook. We had just recently released the first Mac version of FlipBook so they placed an order for both and went to work passing files back and forth as easily as if they were all using the same computer.

The most recent feature for which the animator's used FlipBook was Enchanted. The studio that did the animation for Enchanted has been using FlipBook for a long time and when they started work on Enchanted both Disney animators and the animators at the contract studio used FlipBook to make sure every frame of animation was as good as it could be.

The laest feature in the ongoing list of FlipBook's credits is The Princess and the Frog.
Disney (2009)

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